Mountain View Ranch is getting a bike park…

Good news everyone! Our friends at have just told us about an exciting new development at Mountain View Ranch.

Sunset Cycles has teamed up with the Mountain View Ranch to develop a bike park.

Help, he’s being all nostalgic again…

In my day Mountain View was just a golf course. Growing up in the Ton I’d be forever riding my mountain bike along the fire road that ran from the top of Fforest Fawr down to Ty Rhiw. Warm Sunday mornings spent pounding the trails to the distinctive sound of golf balls being struck. These days Mountain View offers a range of outdoor experiences for the whole family, including your Floridian uncle thanks to their Segway tours and golf. However, now they’re cranking things up a notch with a bike park.

It’ll be built in three phases but will eventually include bike hire, a shop, skills area, mountain bike trails and a 1km road circuit.

The trails will offer something for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders in a safe environment. It will include some “North Shore” style tracks and jump sections that riders will be able hone their skills on and build up to the bigger obstacles and more technical riding. There will also be some “big stuff for those want to get there air miles in”.

Source: Bike Park Under Construction Just Outside Tongwynlais –

It feels like such a long time since we’ve had some good news. Truth be told, I’m not sure how to feel…it’s a bit …strange. There has to be a catch somewhere.


I mean, a bike park at the top of two of Cardiff’s most popular climbs, up the road from two bike shops (Muddybums in Rhiwbina, Bike Shed in Tongwynlais) and a cycle cafe.

It sounds epic.


As of 20th June 2019, the Mountain View bike park is now open. Unfortunately, the Bike Shed in the Ton and Muddybums in Rhiwbina are no longer with us. We were looking for a catch and well, there it is.

Plan2Ride is still there though!

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