Something to watch: ‘Velo Vietnam’ an adventure film by Friction Collective

If you find yourself itching to get out and explore the world on your bike, this one is right up your street.

Bristol-based Jack Davies got in touch with us on Facebook the other day, telling us about his new short film.

The film is about four friends Tim Lages, Tom Gurney, Sam Blanchard and Jack Davies, who cycled 650 miles down the coast of Vietnam. The short film documents the highs and the sweaty, sweaty lows of a whirlwind adventure in one of the most incredible countries on this planet.

The journey was in aid of raising money for Meningitis Research Foundation as our good friend Tim, one of the guys who came on the trip, very almost died of Meningitis as a baby.

The wanderlust is strong here at Cardiff By Bike and Vietnam is high on the list of places that need to be explored. Jack and the guys did a cracking job on this film. They’ve also built an impressive website complete with their Dong Diaries, all with the aim of raising money for a good cause.

Interestingly, flights from Heathrow to Hanoi are about £500. Yes, we looked…

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