Bicycles really do change lives

Transport poverty is something we’ve touched upon before, but this inspirational series of videos from GCN really puts things into perspective.

They are currently raising money for World Bicycle Relief, a charity to aims to give students in Africa a Buffalo Bike.

Where we may go on about trying to get cycle infrastructure installed in our city, these youngsters are using their bikes to get water for their families; to take milk to market and to go to school –things many of us take for granted.

You know how much faster riding is compared to walking, and how much farther you can travel by bicycle before reaching exhaustion. For many students in rural Africa, walking is the only mode of transportation available – and school is often 5-10 km away. The journey saps students’ energy, leaving them unfocused and exhausted once they arrive to class. Simple, reliable bicycles help students arrive faster, with more energy, and ready to learn.

via World Bicycle Relief & GCN

If you would like to donate to World Bicycle Relief, you head over to the website.

GCN is currently matching any donations made. Alternatively, World Bicycle Relief is registered charity number 1141613 here in the UK should your employer provide a facility to donate from your pay.

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  1. Worthy & worthwhile cause. Have subscribed for many years to similar charity Re-cycle at Colchester who send bikes to Africa and train people to work on them.


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