The Motoring Industrial Complex

Whilst I try to send you off on your weekends with something to inspire you, a phrase caught our attention this week that required further investigation.

A long while ago I wrote about why nothing ever changes. Whilst human nature is a big part of it, the symbiotic relationship between the economy and motoring is difficult to ignore.

The motoring-industrial-complex makes plans with a meticulousness of any military campaign. Millions of personnel, billions in investments, miles of pipeline, standardised tyre tread globally, and largely uniform traffic law from Sydney to Singapore — things are not left to chance.

Source: Peddling Bullshit – lstwhl – Medium

This is a hard-going article that mostly serves to highlight the futility of our endeavours.

It’s complicated…

There is too much money; too many jobs; and too many vested interests focussed on keeping people driving, regardless of the lives that are lost along the way from the various externalities we insist on brushing under the rug.

Does this mean we stop fighting? No, but we can take heart in knowing that whilst bicycles may be the answer to most of the world’s problems, we first need to fundamentally fix the questions we are asking.

We need to find an alternative to our pursuit of “more”. We need to find another way to measure the economy that doesn’t involve chasing after finite resources until there is nothing left. This is a huge task and it’ll take more than a rag-tag bunch of cycling campaigners to solve.

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