We will all at some point reach a fork in the road. Head and heart may pull you in different directions and difficult decisions will need to be made.

There are often opportunities hidden behind the hardest of decisions, be that the decision to change something, or to even close the door on the life you’ve known for so long.

What is important is that you own that decision; that you make it for the right reasons and that you allow yourself the opportunity to try, even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you had hoped.

Just begin…

It feels like an inordinately long time since I’ve just sat down to write. I won’t go into specifics, but I’ve barely ridden my bike these past 12 months and I’ve barely written anything either. Why is a long story for another day.

There has been some false starts, but now is the time to start over. I’ve got a plan.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days I ride my bike to work, Tuesday and Thursday the bus.

I’m at the end of the second week of this plan. I’ve ridden more in these past two weeks than I have for longer than I’d care to admit. My legs feel heavy, but satisfyingly so.

Day one was difficult. Routines I’d perfected –of getting my bike, my clothes and my keys ready the night before, felt strange once again. I left the house without my keys and my lock, but day two was just like old times.

I will slowly rebuild the strength in my legs, in my heart and in my head. I will then add another day, then another.

There are many stories still to tell, of Bespoked 2018, of Car Free Day, of the bikepacking trip that didn’t quite go to plan, but new experiences to have and new stories to tell.

I had better begin, then.

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  1. Thank you Gavin,

    As I think you mentioned in a blog around the new year, utility cycling is the most sustainable way of developing a regular exercise habit on a bike. Plus you have chosen a great time of year to begin again. Chapeau!



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