Access to Bute Park at the Royal College of Music & Drama

As part of the North Road cycle lane upgrade the builders have had to close off the gate which forms part of the Bute Park Commuter Route.

Until the 8th September, access to the park will be by other means. The council has Tweeted the map below.


They are suggesting using the entrance to the park near the castle, but if you normally cross North Road to access the University or the Civic Centre, I’d suggest using Colum Road by taking the Talybont path towards the ambulance station. Colum Road has some traffic calming and those wide but advisory cycle lanes.

If it is the centre of town you are heading for, perhaps stay on the Taff Trail for a few more miles and cross the Taff at Castle Street or Wood Street. It isn’t ideal, but it’s only for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Access to Bute Park at the Royal College of Music & Drama

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  1. Yet there is a works entrace not 500yds away opposite the secret garden cafe/plant nursery and Corbett Rd that most people can use too – It’s amazing how lack of accessibility is the dominant theme to Council planning. Plus it’s 1 week from saturday and not just a few days that this is in place for 😛


  2. I travel East West from Cathays Terrace and use the service road entrance to park opposite Corbett Rd. I fail to understand why we need to upgrade that horrible rat run by the college, it is slow and inconvenient. Usual problem with cycle path design , made for leisure use not Active Transport!


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