We’ve moved!

Good news everyone! We have moved, not just to a new host but a new domain.

From now on you’ll find us here at cardiffbybike.wales

That’s right, we’ve got a .Wales domain, which is pretty exciting.


For a long time we’ve been rolling our own –first with a dedicated server, then onto a managed hosting service. The idea being that it offered room for growth and flexibility in the future. Quite frankly, it was far more than we needed.

As time went on, it was becoming harder and harder to justify the cost. The new setup is around a tenth of the annual cost of the old one. The only thing we can’t have any more is the plugin that publishes to Apple News, but that’s no great hardship. Everything else seems to be working…

Well, we can’t rule out a few dead links here and there. When you link to other parts of the website, sometimes we’ve used the wrong type of link –we should have used what they call relative links, but hey-ho. If you spot any, grateful if you could let us know!


Unfortunately, it does mean that if you were subscribed through WordPress or email to the old site, it doesn’t carry over onto the new one. Down in the bottom right of the screen you should see a follow button. We’d love it if you could click that button.

Shortly we’ll remove the old site and re-direct to the new one.


One huge benefit of the new arrangement is the move from .com to .Wales. We love Wales, it’s the best place on Earth. It’s great to finally have Wales in our domain name –something our old registrar sadly couldn’t provide.

So, now that we’re here, let’s get on with it. My next task is to write about Jack Thurston’s excellent food ride around Abergavenny.

Such a great day out, so stay tuned for that.


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