Routes: A Gwaelod Loop…

Good news everyone! In the new year we are planning to create ride videos.

Ever on the lookout for something to get ones teeth into, video production seems like a particularly meaty thing to do.

A wizard wheeze…

Don’t worry, the written word will still have pride of place around these parts, but for a while we’ve been neglecting the Youtube channel and I’ve been yearning to do something a bit different; a bit more creative.

So, today we had a test of the camera and came up with a short video to see what is what.   Whilst the route is a familiar one to us, the process of filming and editing a 30 minute ride down to 10 minutes was surprisingly enjoyable. Now we have to go on more rides to get some more filming done.

If you haven’t done so already, why not subscribe to the Youtube channel and see what we can come up with next.

The route

This is a circular route that you may wish to start and end in Taffs Well, as there are more places to congregate. However, it’s a very simple route that mostly requires turning left.

Head north from Taffs Well until you emerge into Treforest Estate, take a left towards the Estate Station, follow the lane all the way along, passed the Gwaelod pub, down the hill, down Main Road to the roundabout, left there and head back towards Taffs Well.

It took us 30 minutes and came in at just under 12Km. There’s a little bit of climbing, but a nice long gradual descent afterwards.

You’ll find a GPX for the route here.

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