Something to read: Money Guru’s #1 Tip For Health, Wealth & Happiness: Drive Less

Pete Adeney, also known as Mr Money Mustache retired at 30, mostly through a combination of living frugally and by saving money where he could.

Unsurprisingly, one of Adeney’s main money-saving mechanisms was riding a bicycle instead of a car.

Cars suck more cash than most people imagine. On an average income half of a working week is spent paying for the costs associated with running an automobile, calculated philosopher Ivan Illich in his 1974 book Energy and Equity. (“The typical American male devotes more than 1,600 hours a year to his car,” wrote Illich. “He spends four of his sixteen waking hours on the road or gathering his resources for it.”)

via Money Guru’s #1 Tip For Health, Wealth & Happiness: Drive Less

Adeney isn’t alone. We’ve seen this time and time again, in books by Michelle McGah and Tammy Strobel, but I know as well as most how much money cars can consume.

Forget the societal costs for the time being. How much could you save by not having a car? How many of us are having to travel further because we’ve built our cities around cars?

Something to think about.

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