The School run: How Ysgol Hammadryad is transforming pupils’ commute…

At the April 2019 Cardiff Cycle City meeting, Dafydd Trystan came to talk to us about some of the work they have been doing down at Ysgol Hammadryad to foster an active travel culture.

Taking a common-sense approach, by engaging parents and making parking nearby difficult, they’ve all but stamped out the school run that plagues most schools in the UK these days.

So they started personalised travel planning with the parents of their 100 pupils – an easier proposition now given they are not yet full.

They offered scooter and cycling lessons to pupils, and improved the local roads to make them safer and – crucially – unsuitable for parking in the area around the school.

via School run: How Cardiff primary is transforming pupils’ commute – BBC News

It was great to have Dafydd come along to see us, but encouraging to see the work they’ve been doing at the school picked up by the BBC.

We compiled a list of bullet-points over at Cardiff Cycle City that may help you, if you are a governor looking to sort out the school run at your school.

Perhaps not surprising to us, but often overlooked by many is the unintended consequences of what they’ve done. By getting more people out walking and cycling, they’ve increased involvement in litter-picking and improved community cohesion.

To think, many of the problems facing society today could be fixed if we just spent more time together; stopped hiding in our tin boxes and pretending the outside world is something to fear, or a problem for someone else to deal with.

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