Event: Butetown Community – The Connections Between Us

Share Cardiff and Techniquest have teamed up for a free event on 21st October, aiming to provide workshops, stalls and talks from members of Cardiff’s sharing community.

The event is for community based projects and people that share anything from growing spaces, community fridges, tools, libraries, skills, and more.

It’ll include:

  • Workshops about local projects
  • Stalls and talks about projects from community organisations and groups
  • Mapping of the city’s sharing network
  • Bring along a food dish for a BIG community lunch

You can get your tickets here.


On the subject of sharing, did you know that Cardiff now has a library of things? Benthyg is a project by the Rumney Forum and, like Repair Cafe Wales, is run by volunteers and aims to keep our things out of the landfill. You can borrow anything from tents, to chisels, to mobility aids.

It’s not just books and bicycles we’re sharing here in Cardiff and it’s hard not to find that incredibly exciting.

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