Something to watch: Why we cycle…

Ever on the lookout for cycling documentaries, Why We Cycle is one of the best I’ve seen in quiet a while.

It delves into why and how the Dutch have thoroughly embraced cycling. It also talks about the lesser thought-of benefits of cycling to our communities, such as the ability to see and to communicate with the people around us through body language.

Why this matters…

As I write this, we’re roughly a month into lockdown. Many of us have not seen family or friends for what feels like an eternity. As humans we need that feeling of connection, but the pandemic has uprooted us from our normal lives and told us that we must stay away from people.

Cities designed for humans are friendlier places. You’re unlikely to get angry at someone in the same way that road rage plagues those travelling by car. It is believed that 55% of communication is through body language, only 7% is the actual words that are spoken. It’s probably fair to say that travelling by car deprives you of most of that.

In the film they talk about how groups of cyclists flow together, like a flock of starlings, anticipating each other’s next move through inaudible cues and body language. It also talks about how everyone, including royalty and politicians, ride a bike.

It features a voice-over from Chris Boardman, but features a broad range of people from all walks of life, talking about why they cycle. It’s great.

Today (19th April 2020), you can rent it for free using the offer code in the tweet below. It’s an hour long and well worth your time.

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