Caerphilly Castle…

Inspired by a message left on our Facebook page, we got to thinking about where someone might go for a ride with their family, once they’d exhausted all the Taff and Ely Trails had to offer.

Then it occurred to us that Caerphilly Castle might be a nice day out, yet only a (relatively) short ride on from Tongwynlais. It can also be reached in by a mostly traffic-free route.

The Route

Once you’ve reached Tongwynlais, simply continue along the trail, beyond the Lewis Arms and down the path to the right of the main road. Eventually you’ll arrive at Taffs Well Station.

From here, take the Penrhos Cutting to the right (before you get to Rhys Davies Logistics) and follow it all the way up. At some point the path will fork –the Taff Trail continues on the left, but this time we’re staying to the right. Eventually you’ll reach the road, where you can follow the signs for the castle.

Coming back, it’s best to return via the same route. There’s a one-way system around the castle and a number of often busy roads leading back towards Cardiff. Alternatively, you can ride over the mountain, which may prove challenging depending on your appetite for hills.

Besides, the Penrhos Cutting is a relaxing descent on the way home, no pedalling required.

You can pick up the GPS file and directions here.


We’ve really enjoyed riding with the GoPro, trying to come up with relaxing, musical bike rides for the Youtube channel and are looking to do more of them in the coming months.

Is there anywhere you’d like to go, if only you had a route map and a guide video to help you? Drop us a message down below and we’ll see what we can do.

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