New east-west cycleway on the way as part of the city’s recovery plan

The good news just keeps on coming. The council has announced that two new trial cycleways are going to be installed –the much needed cross-city route from Leckwith Road to Newport Road, plus a new bay route linking Tyndall Street with Callaghan Square, Penarth Road etc.

Running west to east, the ‘Cross City’ route will be installed on Leckwith Road and Wellington Street, joining up to the existing cycleway on Castle Street. The route will then continue along Boulevard de Nantes, onto Dumfries Place, along Newport Road to the junction with Broadway.

The second pop up cycleway, the ‘Bay Loop’ will be installed from the Magic Roundabout, down East Tyndall Street, onto Tyndall Street, joining a new cycleway running both down and back up Lloyd George Avenue, joining Callaghan Square and ending on Penarth Road.

New pop-up cycleways on their way as part of the city’s recovery plan

Both schemes are currently out to tender, but will include bolt-down curbs with plastic bollards. If successful, it will be upgraded to a more permanent solution.

They should be on the ground in September, all going well. Going by current form I have little doubt that the scheme will be successful, mostly because the new infrastructure the council is installing is fantastic, but also because readers have been crying out for an east-west route since we started this site way back in 2015.

For an idea of how it may look, we did a deep dive on the planned primary east-west route some time ago.

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