Something to watch: Planet of the Humans

The whole film is available to watch for free on Youtube at the moment. It’s a difficult watch, but it does raise some important questions about what we humans are doing.

My biggest takeaway from it is that in searching for greener alternatives we need to be mindful that we’re not just replacing one problem with another. We probably won’t find technological solutions for problems created by technology. We need to use less; keep things we do use for longer and do everything we can to not sell out the natural world for a quick buck.

However, the documentary has not been without controversy:

Climate scientists and campaigners have branded it “dangerous, misleading and destructive” in an open letter started by filmmaker Josh Fox. Academics say there are a number of factual errors in the documentary, including the suggestion that electric cars are bad for the environment because they run on coal (a report published in March found their emissions are up to 70 per cent lower than petrol-fuelled vehicles). Meanwhile, experts say some statistics quoted about the efficiency of solar power are more than a decade old. 

Everything You Need To Know About Michael Moore’s ‘Planet Of The Humans’ On YouTube | British Vogue

It’s worth taking everything in Moore’s film with a large handful of salt, but as I’ve been discovering from exploring the world of ESG investing, everything we do has a cost and every mitigation that isn’t stopping completely, also has a cost. There are companies on ESG indexes that I wouldn’t trust with someone else’s bargepole (Facebook, Nestle), but they are on there because they are seen to be doing the right thing. They can keep doing their thing because everyone’s pension contributions are invested in them.

We’re not going to fix problems caused by human activity, with yet more human activity.

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