Something to watch: Alternatives to sprawl – Case studies in building better suburbs

If we are serious about moving away from cars, we really need to stop building for them. As we talked about in our LDP post, a new way of looking at urban development needs to be found. We need to move away from US-style suburbs that require a car to get around and arguably look more to our neighbours in Europe.

To its credit, the council is trying some new things with the Channel View redevelopment.

Alongside the provision of quality new housing and the potential improvements for the local community the study explores opportunities in the wider context of Grangetown and the capital. The masterplan proposes to weave currently segregated parts of the existing local area together. The project also sets in motion discussions about the potential interconnection of the Taff‘s east and west banks to complete the quality pedestrian and cyclist loop around the edge of Cardiff Bay.


Yet there’s a lot we can still learn from countries that have never embraced car-centric planning to the extent we have. This video demonstrates a few interesting case studies and is well worth a watch.

2 thoughts on “Something to watch: Alternatives to sprawl – Case studies in building better suburbs

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  1. If you use a bicycle you might wonder why it is that there is very little provision in the proposed Channel View Development for a place to store your bike other than in your flat.
    Talk of persuading people to use their car less is perhaps a mask to hide the cost of garage or other provision which is thereby not provided. Of course this leads to vehicles parked everywhere and people having to drag their bikes in lifts to their flat.


    1. It doesn’t surprise me that much, sadly. Bike parking is sadly overlooked in many aspects of urban planning, whether it is at venues, at people’s homes or anywhere in between. I’ll make some enquiries about Channel View and see what’s what. Thanks for your comment.


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