Timmy Mallett’s cycling around Britain

Children of the 80s rejoice! Timmy Mallett is back with more wholesome entertainment. This time he’s cycling around the coast of England, Wales and Scotland, along with his paints.

Starting out in London, heading south, along the coast to Lands’ End, before heading north along the coast to Scotland. As of 16 June (2022) he’s in Scotland heading for Ullapool, but you can keep track of his adventure on Twitter, as well as various other socials that you can find on his Linktree page.

I’m in the process of following in their tyre tracks on my bike with my paints, finding their inspiration and seeing how it brings out the artist in me.

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I love stories like this. On Timmy’s Strava page he shares blog posts about how each day went, the good and the bad. The big rides take you through such a wide range of emotions and he’s very candid about them.

It’s hard not to be inspired. Chapeau!

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