#Hamishing – finding ever more creative ways to use a cargo bike

Just a quick one to say, if you’re on Twitter, a hashtag to keep an eye out for is #hamishing. Inspired by Hamish (@bikewalkscoot) who gets around Cardiff on a Tern HSD and has been finding creative ways to move large and unusual loads around the city.

I find this tremendously inspiring –cargo bikes, especially electrically assisted ones have the potential to replace many a car trip. The Tern in particular looks to get around the storage issues some families may have with the tricycle-based alternatives like the Babboe and Bullitt.

On that note, you may be interested to know Cardiff has a plumber who is making use of a Bullitt to ply his trade. Dave can be found at plumberonapushbike.co.uk/

Also, there is a new entry on the bike shops page, Cardiff Cargo Bikes has now opened at Railway Gardens in Splott and is a dealer and repairer of Bullitt cargo bikes.

If you have a cargo bike, why not take a look at Hamishing. It’s a real pallet-cleanser. 🙂

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