An ending of sorts…

After nearly 500 posts spread across 7 years, I feel it is time to draw this project to a close.

For months I’ve been going around and around in circles, repeating myself and having to constantly check that the article I am writing hasn’t already been written.

I’m going to keep riding bikes, taking photos and seeing as much of the country as I can, but I can do that from my other site. It also allows me to branch out from Cardiff.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed Cardiff By Bike on its journey, provided feedback and helped steer the ship. I have paid up the hosting for another year, but after that I will let the site expire. I will however be taking my favourite ride stories over to my other site. I have such fond memories of those big rides and I’m not going to let them go to waste.

Those of you with an interest in cycling in Cardiff, our friends at Cardiff Cycle City are well worth your time. Support your local bike shop, your local workshop and just get out there and ride.

Take care, all.

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