If the morning commute isn’t quite exciting enough for you and you’d like to push yourself, you could join a club.

Cardiff has a few cycling clubs with varying aims and objectives, some highly competitive, some who are just out for the fitness and social experience.

Cardiff Jif

Cardiff Jif are a busy cycling club based here in Cardiff and are full of active members involved in road, track, cross and mountain bike racing. They also have an excellent “JIF Kids” section. Read more about Cardiff Jif on their website.

Cardiff Ajax

Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club was founded in 1948 and has had a very successful history. They have members involved in almost all cycling disciplines and have had National, European, Commonwealth Games, Olympic and World Champions. Several members are involved in coaching and race organisation.

They aim to provide rides suitable for all ages and abilities and have strong links with the Maindy Flyers Youth Cycling Club (where Geraint Thomas started…). Sunday club runs meet at 9.30am at Maindy cycle track. You can join them on a Wednesday evening at Maindy Cycle track for a road bike training session. 6pm on the track in winter, from 6.15pm on the road in summer. Club night second Wednesday of the month 8.30pm. Read more about them on their website.

Audax UK

Also mentioned on the main events page, Audax UK is the UK’s long distance cycling club. Members earn points for completing “calendar rides” that are arranged by a local organiser and scheduled for a particular day; a “permanent” ride that has a set route but can be completed whenever you want to; and “DIY” events that use a course designed by you (or a group of you). These rides can be anything from 100Km to 1000Km and a Brevet card is often used as proof that you have completed the course. An Audax ride is not a race against each other, but a race against the clock. Read more about Audax UK on their website.

Others we might have missed?

If you are a member of a club that we’ve missed, please let us know in the comment section below. A web link and some blurb would be helpful.

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