Wants versus needs

When faced with overwhelming evidence in favour of providing good cycle infrastructure; for people ditching the car and taking to two wheels; and for organisations to do all they can to change our travel habits, you have to wonder why we are still going around in circles after decades of campaigning. There is the cynical... Continue Reading →

Pollution exposure out on the bike…

It's a widely held belief that people inside cars are protected from the pollution they create, yet we know this to be false. However, we're not exactly immune to the carcinogenic cocktail of fumes out on our bikes either. Getting our heart rates up, whilst great for our cardiovascular health in ideal conditions, it's not quite... Continue Reading →

More 20mph zones are on the way

Good news everyone! The 20mph pilot that started in Cathays and Roath is set to expand. Whilst we've been cautiously welcoming tweets from the 20splenty campaign suggesting this was happening, until we saw something concrete from the council or at least a little more detail on the proposals we were going to stay quiet. However,... Continue Reading →

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