Tools for the job…

Bicycles are versatile machines, capable of being used for everything from shopping, to touring, to professional racing. However, whilst a bicycle may unite the different disciplines, the needs of riders are usually very, very different. The right tool... To the untrained eye a bicycle is just a bicycle, but look deeper and there may well... Continue Reading →

Community Severance A while back we took a quick look into the future and briefly mentioned community severance, but we believe it requires further investigation. Community severance occurs where road traffic (speed or volume) inhibits access to goods, services, or people. Appleyard and Lintell’s seminal study of residents of three urban streets in San Francisco found... Continue Reading →

Cardiff Bike Life 2015

If you ever wanted to know anything about the state of cycling in Cardiff, today is a good day for you. Sustrans has published the data from its Bike Life survey for 2015. Taken across seven cities in the UK including Cardiff, the survey aims to shed light on attitudes towards cycling in the UK... Continue Reading →

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