New Urbanism In A New World…

We're nearly a year into a global pandemic. It was just before Christmas in 2019 that news reports were suggesting that a mysterious new virus was starting to spread around China. By March 2020 we were in lockdown. Suddenly we came to realise just how temporary the status quo would be. Life happens... A couple... Continue Reading →

Caerphilly Castle…

Inspired by a message left on our Facebook page, we got to thinking about where someone might go for a ride with their family, once they'd exhausted all the Taff and Ely Trails had to offer. Then it occurred to us that Caerphilly Castle might be a nice day out, yet only a (relatively) short... Continue Reading →

The new normal, a COVID-19 update

To tackle the spread of COVID-19, cafes, pubs and sit-in restaurants have been closed. However, you'll be pleased to know that our cycle cafes are still functioning as workshops, should you need to have your bike fixed.

Business Booms with more Bicycles…

Without wishing to sound like a stuck record, your business needs bicycles. We even wrote about why just a couple of weeks ago. However, what we didn't spend much time talking about was bike sharing schemes. They have the potential to be a game-changer for urban retailers and data obtained from MasterCard seems to agree.... Continue Reading →


One of the areas we aim to explore in 2017 is bikepacking. The idea of putting a few things in a bag and heading off down the road to spend a night or three under the stars is something that appeals greatly. However, when there are no stars to see, the wind is howling and conditions... Continue Reading →

Bespoked 2017 and the appeal of handmade…

This weekend Bristol once again played host to the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show. It's a showcase of two-wheeled ingenuity from independent frame builders from all over the world. Whilst you can buy bicycles from your local bike shop, chances are it'll be the same bike that many others in the area will be riding. A handmade one,... Continue Reading →

Epic Rides: Cardiff to New Quay

Whilst circular routes certainly have their place, sometimes you want to get on your bike just to end up somewhere else. Fortunately for us we're already in one of the most beautiful countries on this planet and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to go. We're a stones throw away... Continue Reading →

Kerbi – A Mobile Puncture Repair Service

You may remember some time ago we talked about Street Stream, the so-called 'Uber for cycle couriers'. Well, from the same company we now have Kerbi, a mobile puncture repair service. It presents an opportunity for not just existing bike shops, but anyone looking for a bit of extra money on the side. All you... Continue Reading →

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