Bespoked 2017 and the appeal of handmade…

This weekend Bristol once again played host to the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show. It's a showcase of two-wheeled ingenuity from independent frame builders from all over the world. Whilst you can buy bicycles from your local bike shop, chances are it'll be the same bike that many others in the area will be riding. A handmade one,... Continue Reading →

Kerbi – A Mobile Puncture Repair Service

You may remember some time ago we talked about Street Stream, the so-called 'Uber for cycle couriers'. Well, from the same company we now have Kerbi, a mobile puncture repair service. It presents an opportunity for not just existing bike shops, but anyone looking for a bit of extra money on the side. All you... Continue Reading →

Plan2Ride bicycle cafe, Tongwynlais

Good news everyone! Tongwynlais now has a bicycle cafe, thoroughly stuffing up our assertion that Tongwynlais doesn't make enough of its prime location on the Taff Trail. We are particularly excited about Plan2Ride, being based up this neck of the woods it makes this an excellent place to congregate before a ride, or to grab... Continue Reading →

Supporting your Local Bike Shop…

Your local bike shop is a tremendous resource, not just for new bikes and parts but for their local knowledge and ongoing support, right on your doorstep. These days it is easy to find deals online that could save you some money on new clothes, accessories or even a new bike. However, doing so requires a... Continue Reading →

Fixing your own bike…

One of the great things about the humble bicycle is that, unlike a car, repairs can often be made at home with a handful of allen keys and usually for very little money.

Lufkin Coffee Bicycle Delivery

Coffee and cycling go hand in hand and we'll hear no arguments on that. Here in Cardiff we are lucky enough to have the ability to buy hot, fresh coffee from a bicycle. However, for those times when you don't want to leave the house, you'll be pleased to know that you can now get... Continue Reading →

A weekend away, by bike…

With the Brecon Beacons a mere three hours ride away, have you considered taking a weekend away from it all, but on your bike instead of in your car? People travel from all over the UK, even the world to stay in places like this. Why wouldn’t they? With mountains to climb, dozens of beautiful lakes and... Continue Reading →

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