Llandough Hospital – Bike Parking

Good news! Further to our previous post about the University Hospital of Wales, the Cardiff & Vale Health Board’s twitterers came up with a map for Llandough as well. So, there’s some outside the main entrance and across the road by the Llanfair Unit. There’s also some in the new multi-storey car park. The actual capacity at each location is unclear, but if you’ve seen & used the racks, we’d appreciate you getting in touch! Getting to Llandough Getting to Llandough will involve some hill climbing whichever way you go. You can either follow the Ely trail through to Penarth Road, … Continue reading Llandough Hospital – Bike Parking

University Hospital of Wales – Bike Parking

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys visiting a hospital, whether it is for a loved one or to have your own body repaired. It’s generally worrisome experience for all concerned, but paying for parking while you are there just rubs salt into the wounds. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at UHW, which appears to have an ample supply of bike racks all over the site. A University site as much as it is a hospital, the lion’s share of UHW’s bike storage is centred around the student blocks and social club, but from a patient/visitor perspective … Continue reading University Hospital of Wales – Bike Parking

Bike Parking – Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Good news everyone! You can ride to the C.R.I. and park your bike securely. There’s some nice covered racks at the Outpatients entrance. There is also another set in the car park at the Meteor Street end which also has a roof. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js Thanks to Jane for the images. Plug Time Don’t forget, we still want to fill in the blanks we have, so if you see a bike rack around Cardiff, it would be great if you could grab a photo and add it to the pool here. Continue reading Bike Parking – Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Any port in a storm – Parking your bike in Cardiff

The great thing about cycling around town is that all parking is free. In fact, we don’t think there is a place in Cardiff that’ll charge you to park your bike. However, one problem we’ve encountered on a number of occasions is a lack of guidance on exactly where you can park. Let’s take the local supermarket for example. We know for certain that our nearest supermarket provides cycle parking, but if you look on the website for that particular store, it won’t mention cycle parking at all. We’ve also had to contact a nearby hospital, Royal Glamorgan directly to … Continue reading Any port in a storm – Parking your bike in Cardiff