Last mile deliveries

Whilst it would be tempting to be all topical and talk about British Cycling's questionable decision to partner with one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Shell, I just can't bring myself to do it today. Instead, we're going to continue the theme of cargo bikes and look at a video by GCN, who... Continue Reading →

#Hamishing – finding ever more creative ways to use a cargo bike

Just a quick one to say, if you're on Twitter, a hashtag to keep an eye out for is #hamishing. Inspired by Hamish (@bikewalkscoot) who gets around Cardiff on a Tern HSD and has been finding creative ways to move large and unusual loads around the city. I find this tremendously inspiring --cargo bikes,... Continue Reading →

How to sell bicycles…

Some time ago we had a little chat about marketing. We talked about how car manufacturers had become experts at selling people the lifestyle, but conveniently gloss over the realities of motoring. However, we also came to the depressing realisation that nobody is really trying to sell us utility cycling, or the benefits of seeing the cycling as a mode of transport. Even the pro cyclists on our screens were selling us cars. Until now that is...

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