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It is probably fair to say that we self-powered, two-wheeled folk aren't terribly well catered for when it comes to streaming services. Occasionally you'll see a documentary pop up about a certain racing cyclist from yesteryear, or industrial-scale doping scandals, but you very rarely see anything...positive. It could be why people are drawn to crowdfunded... Continue Reading →

How to sell bicycles…

Some time ago we had a little chat about marketing. We talked about how car manufacturers had become experts at selling people the lifestyle, but conveniently gloss over the realities of motoring. However, we also came to the depressing realisation that nobody is really trying to sell us utility cycling, or the benefits of seeing the cycling as a mode of transport. Even the pro cyclists on our screens were selling us cars. Until now that is...

Something to watch: Why we cycle…

Ever on the lookout for cycling documentaries, Why We Cycle is one of the best I’ve seen in quiet a while. It delves into why and how the Dutch have thoroughly embraced cycling. It also talks about the lesser thought-of benefits of cycling to our communities, such as the ability to see and to communicate with the people around us through body language.


Would you believe it? The people of Flanders have a word for those cycle lanes that appeared around Cardiff during those heady Enfys days. "Moordstrookje" is the affectionate Dutch word used to describe those slivers of cycle lane at the edge of a busy street. Moordstrookje – literally ‘murder lane’ – refers to a bicycle... Continue Reading →

The Motoring Industrial Complex

Whilst I try to send you off on your weekends with something to inspire you, a phrase caught our attention this week that required further investigation. A long while ago I wrote about why nothing ever changes. Whilst human nature is a big part of it, the symbiotic relationship between the economy and motoring is... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on our urban spaces…

Cardiff may be a fairly new city in the grand scheme of things, but thanks to the changing needs of the population over the past two centuries it has become a collection of different ideas, all somehow blended together.

Whilst some ideas may have made sense at the time, others should be consigned to history and forgotten.

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