In praise of darkness…

The clocks have just shifted an hour to usher in a season of darkness. The brief spell of morning light we can enjoy over the next few weeks will pass and we nine-to-five-ers will have to get used to only seeing daylight on weekends. But is that such a bad thing? Sensory deprivation It may... Continue Reading →

Grass-roots Movements

We must apologise for harping on about Boneshaker for a second post in quick succession, but an article in issue 19, entitled Generation Next sparked our interest. It talks about a handful of cycling communities and groups that have sprung up in various places around the world, outside the traditional club circuit. The anti-club Rightly... Continue Reading →

Let's Ride – City Ride Cardiff

British Cycling is arranging a series of mass rides across the UK and on 6th August 2017 there will be one in Cardiff. Promising fun for all ages and abilities, the event will offer everything from virtual reality track cycling to rickshaw rides. Cardiff is inviting cyclists to take over its streets on Sunday 6... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s about the story…

In this age of GPS tracking, power meters and heart-rate monitors it is easy to become sidetracked into a world of statistics and graphs. However, we would challenge anyone to say that the thing they remember most about a ride is the time they spent putting out a consistent 400 watts or at over 200... Continue Reading →

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