Timmy Mallett’s cycling around Britain

Children of the 80s rejoice! Timmy Mallett is back with more wholesome entertainment. This time he's cycling around the coast of England, Wales and Scotland, along with his paints. Starting out in London, heading south, along the coast to Lands' End, before heading north along the coast to Scotland. As of 16 June (2022) he's... Continue Reading →

Epic Rides: Cardiff to New Quay

Whilst circular routes certainly have their place, sometimes you want to get on your bike just to end up somewhere else. Fortunately for us we're already in one of the most beautiful countries on this planet and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to go. We're a stones throw away... Continue Reading →

Audax Explained…

Before we go to great lengths to tell you about yet another Audax, perhaps it is time we spent some time explaining exactly what an Audax is and why you might want to try one. If you want to test yourself there's a lot of mileage (arf!) to be had from the sportive scene. They're... Continue Reading →

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