Primary Routes & Brave New Worlds

Whilst we've been watching with interest the developing picture of Cardiff's main cycle routes, for whatever reason since the deep dive series we've not really been compelled to write about each individual plan. However, the plans for Cathays Terrace and Allensbank Road, forming part of the North/South route is different. It's oh so interesting... The... Continue Reading →

Caerphilly Castle…

Inspired by a message left on our Facebook page, we got to thinking about where someone might go for a ride with their family, once they'd exhausted all the Taff and Ely Trails had to offer. Then it occurred to us that Caerphilly Castle might be a nice day out, yet only a (relatively) short... Continue Reading →

Routes: A Gwaelod Loop…

Good news everyone! In the new year we are planning to create ride videos.

Ever on the lookout for something to get ones teeth into, video production seems like a particularly meaty thing to do.

Route: Over the top…

One of the surprising discoveries of this new focus on the rough stuff is that my buddies seem to be up for it too. Today we are talking about a route that our good friend Drew came up with.

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