Route: The Short, Sharp Shock

Sometimes you need to get out for a training ride, but you don’t have a lot of time. It could be at the end of the working day, or you could be fitting rides in between family or work commitments. This route has a few slightly unpleasant junctions to navigate, which is why we can’t recommend it for beginners, plus it has a couple of significant hills too, so it is one for the keener cyclist…with a lack of free time. The Route Once again starting at Plan2Ride, you head up the hill towards Castell Coch and keep on going … Continue reading Route: The Short, Sharp Shock

The "Easy" Cafe Loop

There’s a lot to be said for an epic adventure, but sometimes the time isn’t right, or you don’t yet have the confidence to take one on. How about a short one instead? Whilst out for a quick coffee and a short bimble on the bike this morning, a customer at the cafe asked about somewhere a couple of cyclists could go that wasn’t too challenging before returning to the cafe for a cuppa. Now, “challenging” is a subjective term as everyone sits somewhere on a sliding scale of experience and fitness, but aside from staying on the Taff Trail … Continue reading The "Easy" Cafe Loop

Route Hack: Avoiding Rover Way…

With news of the A4232 extension finally getting underway, it got us thinking about how we can get to the east of Cardiff by bike. The beast of the east Cycle links to the east of the city, as we’ve already discussed is a bit of a sore subject. There’s not a lot of infrastructure to speak of and the route to places like Llanrumney and beyond will usually involve Rover Way or Newport Road. It’s not a fun ride at the best of times. However, there is a way to navigate the maze that is Tremorfa and Splott to … Continue reading Route Hack: Avoiding Rover Way…

The St Fagans Loop

Here’s a nice little loop that’s easily accessible from the Taff Trail, but may be of interest to anyone in Radyr, Pentyrch, Fairwater or anywhere else along the route. It takes in the Museum of Welsh Life, which has bike parking, a cafe & some fine Welshcakes (see where we’re going with this…). However, whilst it may only be 18km long, it has a sting in the tail as you climb up into Pentyrch and onto the Garth, before descending into Gwaelod-y-Garth and back towards Radyr. From the Taff Trail, you can access the route from either Radyr Station, or … Continue reading The St Fagans Loop