Route: Over the top…

One of the surprising discoveries of this new focus on the rough stuff is that my buddies seem to be up for it too. Today we are talking about a route that our good friend Drew came up with.

Greener Grangetown and the Rainscape Project…

Interesting things are afoot in Grangetown, with a scheme to better manage rainwater and make the area "cleaner and greener". Streets running between Taff Embankment and Corporation Road, as well as Taff Embankment are to receive a facelift that includes porous paving, planters and swales that will filter and clean rainwater before passing it into... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming…

Now that the woolly gloves have now been taken out of their summer-long siesta, we need to keep one eye on the colder, darker months that lay ahead. We are likely to face another winter like last winter, where Cardiff's sole off-road cycle routes become not just dark but icy too. However, before the first icy... Continue Reading →

A weekend away, by bike…

With the Brecon Beacons a mere three hours ride away, have you considered taking a weekend away from it all, but on your bike instead of in your car? People travel from all over the UK, even the world to stay in places like this. Why wouldn’t they? With mountains to climb, dozens of beautiful lakes and... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Leaves

For much of the year, the experience of riding a traffic-free, tree-lined path is something to behold. However, for about three months of the year, it's not for the timid. A change of seasons... As Autumn arrives, so does the rain, the wind and the next stage in the cycle of life where most trees... Continue Reading →

Bute Park Commuter Route

Placed slap bang in the middle of town Bute Park is an excellent way to cut miles of busy roads out of your commute. However, during the winter the main gates will likely be shut by the time you finish work. However, you may or may not be aware that there's a "commuter route" that... Continue Reading →

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