One of the areas we aim to explore in 2017 is bikepacking. The idea of putting a few things in a bag and heading off down the road to spend a night or three under the stars is something that appeals greatly. However, when there are no stars to see, the wind is howling and conditions... Continue Reading →

Route: The Short, Sharp Shock

Sometimes you need to get out for a training ride, but you don't have a lot of time. It could be at the end of the working day, or you could be fitting rides in between family or work commitments. This route has a few slightly unpleasant junctions to navigate, which is why we can't... Continue Reading →

Route Hack: Let's talk about Ocean Way…

Heading east from the centre of Cardiff presents an interesting challenge right now.  There is no particularly nice way to go, whether that is on Newport Road; through Roath and Llanishen or by running the gauntlet along Ocean Way. Following on from our East-West challenge it's time to pick apart some of the options. Newport Road is always... Continue Reading →

Greener Grangetown and the Rainscape Project…

Interesting things are afoot in Grangetown, with a scheme to better manage rainwater and make the area "cleaner and greener". Streets running between Taff Embankment and Corporation Road, as well as Taff Embankment are to receive a facelift that includes porous paving, planters and swales that will filter and clean rainwater before passing it into... Continue Reading →

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