“You don’t pay tax…”

Spend enough time on social media in the "cycling" space and it won't be long before someone mentions the "T-word". "You don't pay tax" they'll say. Of course, most of us know that the "road tax" they allude to was abolished in the 1930s by Winston Churchill. What we have now is an emissions tax,... Continue Reading →

Route Hack: Let's talk about Ocean Way…

Heading east from the centre of Cardiff presents an interesting challenge right now.  There is no particularly nice way to go, whether that is on Newport Road; through Roath and Llanishen or by running the gauntlet along Ocean Way. Following on from our East-West challenge it's time to pick apart some of the options. Newport Road is always... Continue Reading →

Route Hack: Avoiding Rover Way…

With news of the A4232 extension finally getting underway, it got us thinking about how we can get to the east of Cardiff by bike. The beast of the east Cycle links to the east of the city, as we've already discussed is a bit of a sore subject. There's not a lot of infrastructure... Continue Reading →

Taff Trail Alternatives – Winter Edition

Our east-west route is still a work in progress, but this winter we've also found travelling from north to south particularly challenging too. For whatever reason, most likely austerity, the off-road cycle paths and pavements are not being gritted this year. This not only traps the less mobile in their homes, but also renders our... Continue Reading →

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