Shopping by Bike

Whilst I type this, we are just a few days from Christmas and shopping has become more of an ordeal than it usually is. We’ve seen cars queuing to get into most of the car parks around Cardiff city centre; a high volume of traffic entering the city from the M4 and high levels of air pollution hovering over the city. If you want to avoid all of that (well, apart from the pollution –you have to breathe…) you could do your shopping by bike. However, this presents a number of challenges of its own. How do you carry your … Continue reading Shopping by Bike

Pugh's Garden Centre – Morganstown

We have a new cycle-friendly destination to add to the list –Pugh’s Garden Centre in Morganstown. Pugh’s has a number of units that may be of interest to us cyclists, such as Mountain Warehouse; a garden shed maker; a veterinarian; a pet shop; a wood fire retailer and a few other things. Most importantly, there’s also a very nice cafe inside the main garden centre building, where you can top up your caffeine and sugar levels before heading up to Eglwysilan from Cardiff. They can be found outside the old garden centre entrance and we hope that their presence encourages … Continue reading Pugh's Garden Centre – Morganstown

Parking your bike at Capital Retail Park, Leckwith

Capital Retail Park is perhaps our newest out-of-town retail development and currently consists of a large Asda; a Costco; M&S; Smyths Toy Store; Next; SCS, plus the obligatory Subway; Greggs; Maplins and a Costa. The park sits on Enfys Route 50, which is a route that consists of shared paths either side of the carriageway. Roadies will no doubt use the road, but those on the paths should beware those on bikes travelling against the flow of traffic! As for parking, Capital Retail Park is actually quite well provisioned. There’s a bank of spaces next to the road at the … Continue reading Parking your bike at Capital Retail Park, Leckwith

Any port in a storm – Parking your bike in Cardiff

The great thing about cycling around town is that all parking is free. In fact, we don’t think there is a place in Cardiff that’ll charge you to park your bike. However, one problem we’ve encountered on a number of occasions is a lack of guidance on exactly where you can park. Let’s take the local supermarket for example. We know for certain that our nearest supermarket provides cycle parking, but if you look on the website for that particular store, it won’t mention cycle parking at all. We’ve also had to contact a nearby hospital, Royal Glamorgan directly to … Continue reading Any port in a storm – Parking your bike in Cardiff