Catching up…

Wow, I completely missed February. It's funny, time just seems to fly by these days. It could be a side effect of my advancing years, but more likely having so much going on that there's barely any time to take stock. The truth is, things have been rather hectic out in the real world, away... Continue Reading →

The plan for the Taff Trail through Hailey Park…

We didn't want to bite, we really didn't. A quick read of the tagline, which speaks of car parking; mountains of hearsay and conjecture about the evils we cyclists have imposed upon humanity; and how nobody will use it --whatever 'it' turns out to be, pretty much tells you all you need to know. Or does it?

What is ‘Greenwashing’?

Being green is hot right now. Nobody really wants to be seen as the harbinger of death; the company that is bringing about the destruction of the ecosystem we depend upon, just to make a quick buck.

Social Media…

I have long had a love-hate relationship with social media. It is a tool, particularly for websites such as this, but it can too easily become a distraction.
It is far too easy to spend hours staring at your facebook or twitter timelines and not realise where the time has gone. Sometimes you'll see something that'll warm your heart, but that is pretty rare in the scheme of things --good news doesn't trend the way anger and bitterness so often do.

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