The Velothon Wales 2015 Short Route

Just because there isn’t a short route in the 2016 Velothon Wales, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still ride last year’s route in your spare time. The full 140km Velothon route is quite an undertaking, especially when you take the formidable Tumble into account. We do believe that not holding a shorter route this year is a mistake that only serves to raise the barrier of entry and puts it out of the reach of many of the more casual cyclists among us –the very people we need to encourage. However, the short route at around 30 miles/52km is … Continue reading The Velothon Wales 2015 Short Route

Welsh Active Travel Conference 2015

On 5th November the 2015 Active Travel conference took place in Cardiff. If you were unable to go, the Welsh Government has published a handy summary video to its Youtube channel. One person who did go along was Simon Nurse, General Manager of Odoni-Elwell. Highlighting the flaws of a  presumptuous approach to infrastructure and the often – misquoted –  “build it and they will come*” strategy, suggesting a ‘ask them what they want and there’s a good chance the uptake will be greater’ is a generally more effective and appropriate approach. Source: From the front line: Notes from the Wales Active … Continue reading Welsh Active Travel Conference 2015

Cardiff Bike Life 2015

If you ever wanted to know anything about the state of cycling in Cardiff, today is a good day for you. Sustrans has published the data from its Bike Life survey for 2015. Taken across seven cities in the UK including Cardiff, the survey aims to shed light on attitudes towards cycling in the UK and, as it turns out, attitudes are better than many of us would have expected. Bike Life will help us really understand the state of cycling in Cardiff. It will help us learn what matters to existing cyclists and also to non-cyclists. It will show … Continue reading Cardiff Bike Life 2015