If you've ever thought to yourself "this place could really do with a cycle route, or a pavement to walk on that doesn't require a keen sense of balance", Commonplace is for you. The Welsh Government is promoting Commonplace as a platform to engage the community and identify the areas that need an intervention. Have... Continue Reading →

Primary Routes & Brave New Worlds

Whilst we've been watching with interest the developing picture of Cardiff's main cycle routes, for whatever reason since the deep dive series we've not really been compelled to write about each individual plan. However, the plans for Cathays Terrace and Allensbank Road, forming part of the North/South route is different. It's oh so interesting... The... Continue Reading →

Getting started with the new Nextbike scheme…

The new Nextbike hire scheme has official launched in Cardiff and most of Cardiff's inner city areas now have at least one station.

If you live or work in Cathays, Roath, Grangetown, Cardiff Bay or any of the other locations coming online as we type this, you can go and rent a bike.

So, how do you get started?

Why your business needs bicycles

If you own a business in Cardiff and you are not embracing bicycles for deliveries or for your employees, you're missing a trick. Whether it is for the last mile or just getting to the office on time, the bicycle is the solution to urban mobility that has been sat under everyone's noses since the... Continue Reading →

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