How far can you ride, really?

Believe it or not, many of you will be able to ride much further than you think you can. You may hear of people covering hundreds of miles in a day and believe that you could never do that yourself, but you may be surprised. The trouble is, barriers to completing a long ride are... Continue Reading →

Audax Explained…

Before we go to great lengths to tell you about yet another Audax, perhaps it is time we spent some time explaining exactly what an Audax is and why you might want to try one. If you want to test yourself there's a lot of mileage (arf!) to be had from the sportive scene. They're... Continue Reading →

Epic Rides: Cambrian 1K Permanent

It may have been beautiful --Wales just is, but what on Earth possessed us to do this ride we don't know. It may have only been 100Km, which on the back of a couple of 200Km rides doesn't sound much, but the Devil is in the detail. Perhaps we should start by explaining what the... Continue Reading →

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