Boneshaker’s final issue…

I sit here, feeling as though I missed a great party. Having only discovered the magazine fairly recently it feels like those moments when you've binge-watched a TV show only to discover it has been cancelled; or you've exhausted a late author's back catalogue. In a sea of cycling magazines focused on selling expensive bikes adorned with the latest incremental tweak, to people who already have bikes, Boneshaker was a breath of fresh air.

Something to read: Boneshaker Bicycle Stories – Volume 1

Bicycle Stories

Hailing from the other side of the estuary in Bristol, Boneshaker Magazine is one that defies the current publishing convention. It has no set publishing date and you'll be hard pushed to find mention of a new bike within its pages. Instead, Boneshaker focusses on the human side of cycling --the epic journeys, the emotions, … Continue reading Something to read: Boneshaker Bicycle Stories – Volume 1