Share Cardiff – Connecting people, projects and places, for social good

Just a quick note to point out an excellent new resource for those interested in making Cardiff even better than it already is.

Share Cardiff is a network of grassroots community groups and projects in and around Cardiff that aim to make Cardiff a better, healthier, more connected and more social place to live.

We have created an online directory of Cardiff based grassroots groups, neighbourhood projects, local community groups, co-ops, social enterprises and other initiatives that are achieving social good and that share the values of the sharing movement.

via Share Cardiff – Connecting people, projects and places, for social good – Share Cardiff

The site has everything from swap groups and repair cafes to Credit Unions, open source projects and spare room networks. There’s also a healthy number of cycling groups on there too, including our friends at Cardiff Cycle City.

Check it out and, if you are involved in a project that you think should be on there, be sure to let them know.

What a brilliant, brilliant thing. There’s so much good happening in our fair city already, it just needed something to help pull it all together and give it a platform. Now we have one. Thank you, Share Cardiff.

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Bikes in Business

Couriers, delivery riders and even a coffee shop are just some of the fascinating yet sustainable ways Cardiff’s businesses are using bicycles right now. Couriers Cardiff Cycle Couriers have been around a while now and indeed, the bike messenger is not a new idea. However Cardiff Cycle Couriers are a regular sight on Cardiff’s streets, delivering urgent packages & mail to a number of offices around the city. They’re part of Priority Express, who operate a cycle courier service in Cardiff & Bristol. The benefits of using a cycle courier are numerous and will not be a surprise to anyone reading this. … Continue reading Bikes in Business