Poking fun at car ads…

Whilst we've talked about the sheer amount of money that is spent each year marketing cars to people, not to mention the realities those ads tend to gloss over, the ads themselves are often designed to sell a lifestyle or to prey on our insecurities. I recently came across a couple of spoof ads that... Continue Reading →

The benefit of hindsight…

As a species it is probably fair to say that we don't always have the answers.

Thanks to giant leaps in scientific discovery, we often find that just because something has become "normal", it doesn't always mean that it was right.


One thing the snow can give us is a sense of perspective. Just like at Christmas, everything stops. We stay at home; we spend time with our families and we get out and walk places. Our world falls silent.

We may have a problem with the robots…

When Isaac Asimov wrote about the three laws of robotics way back in 1942 he was no doubt imagining a world where humanoid robots walked the earth, doing household chores and generally making themselves useful.

He probably hadn't anticipated these robots being 1-tonne metal boxes designed to carry humans around at high-speed.

BBC Scotland Investigates: Car Sick

BBC Scotland has just broadcast an excellent programme looking into the effects of car dependency on our health. Just what is coming out of your car's exhaust and what is it doing to your health? The VW diesel emissions scandal has highlighted how little we know about cars and air pollution. But there are increasing...... Continue Reading →

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