Guest Post: Not another 100 Climbs – by @GarethEnticott

I have a confession. I don’t like the series of 100 Greatest Climbs books, particularly the new Wales book. Its nothing personal, but it’s a couple of things. Increasingly I don’t like the fetishisation of the climb. It might work in the Alps where riding up the Galibier might take most of your day, but in south Wales where the climbs are 1-3km, a ride isn’t about one climb, it’s about the route, or where you are going to. That’s what makes cycling interesting. And then there’s some of the choices, and omissions. Take the road to Penrhys. Seriously, one … Continue reading Guest Post: Not another 100 Climbs – by @GarethEnticott

The Most Challenging Climbs in and around Cardiff – Your suggestions!

When we published our short list of our most challenging local climbs, little did we know just how much discussion it would create. We could not be more pleased that it has inspired you all to talk & share your favourite climbs. It was inevitable that we’d miss a few off. We wanted to keep it reasonably short, but we also wanted to stick to the ones we had done recently in order to judge how intense they were. What we had also neglected to consider was the off-road climbs that we have in the area. We’ve so far been … Continue reading The Most Challenging Climbs in and around Cardiff – Your suggestions!

A Loop Around the Graig

If you fancy a reasonably short ride with a stiff climb, you’ll be pleased to know we have one for you. We’d suggest that this was one for the confident cyclist, as there’s some time spent on the dual carriageway through Talbot Green, but otherwise it is on normal roads. Once again the start & end point is in Taffs Well. From here you head up through Upper Boat and head towards Treforest. Take a left when you reach Pontypridd Station –signposted The Graig. Settle in for a stiff climb past Sardis Road, over the top and down the other … Continue reading A Loop Around the Graig