Commuting in a Changing World of Work…

I'm certainly no historian, but I'd suspect we can thank the industrial revolution for our current commuting predicament. As people started to leave their farms and homesteads to look for work in the growing towns; in the factories and down the mines, people were no longer working where they lived.


We will all at some point reach a fork in the road. Head and heart may pull you in different directions and difficult decisions will need to be made. There are often opportunities hidden behind the hardest of decisions, be that the decision to change something, or to even close the door on the life... Continue Reading →

Commuting by bike & weight loss…

In news that will surprise nobody, this week another study has found that people who don't drive to work stay slimmer. Up there with such profound questions as "do bears defecate in the woods?" and "if a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?" the... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right bike for commuting

Whilst bicycles are generally defined by their purpose --mountain bikes for hurtling down mountains; road bikes for the road, picking the right bike for your daily commute is a little less cut & dried. Your route The first thing you need to consider is how far you are going to be riding in each direction... Continue Reading →

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