One thing the snow can give us is a sense of perspective. Just like at Christmas, everything stops. We stay at home; we spend time with our families and we get out and walk places. Our world falls silent.

Community Severance A while back we took a quick look into the future and briefly mentioned community severance, but we believe it requires further investigation. Community severance occurs where road traffic (speed or volume) inhibits access to goods, services, or people. Appleyard and Lintell’s seminal study of residents of three urban streets in San Francisco found... Continue Reading →

A look into the future…

It was a 1963 report called Traffic in Towns, written for the Government by Professor Colin Buchanan that many will hold responsible for the sorry state of utility cycling in the UK. Indeed, many will argue Traffic in Towns was used as a means to drive a bulldozer through much of the cycle infrastructure we... Continue Reading →

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