The Smaller Picture…

In this day and age, with huge amounts of information available at your fingertips it has become harder than ever to take anything at face value. So when you talk about the environmental benefits of cycling it's easy to lose people, because people assume you are talking about global warming or climate change. We puny humans are not so great at dealing with the bigger picture. We often don't have the power to make big changes, but if we focus on the small picture we'll make inroads into the huge challenges ahead.


One thing the snow can give us is a sense of perspective. Just like at Christmas, everything stops. We stay at home; we spend time with our families and we get out and walk places. Our world falls silent.

The Circular Economy and Cycling…

The bike may be one of the greenest, most efficient forms of transport out there but creating one from scratch still requires a considerable amount of energy. However, unlike a car a good bike may have decades of life ahead of it, only needing a periodic change of a few wearable items that are inexpensive and often easy to replace.

The Green Credentials of Cycling

Whilst we like to think of cycling as being a zero-emission activity, this isn't strictly true. Day to day the act of cycling will produce only the CO2 you breathe out during respiration and, without wishing to lower the tone, the methane that comes out of the other end. Unfortunately, the bike you are riding didn't just... Continue Reading →

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