Well, that escalated quickly… – Modal Shift in Unusual Times…

If and when the world does start to return to something resembling 'normal', chances are it is going to look very different to the one we've just left. No longer will it be acceptable for trains and buses to resemble the mosh pit of a Pantera gig, with people eager to maintain a safe distance from each other. Furthermore, the road network is unlikely to cope with a surge of new drivers on the morning commute. Some of us are going to have to find a new way to get to work.

Just what are we campaigning for?

We previously talked about the people we are campaigning for in our quest for better cycling infrastructure in Cardiff, but perhaps it is now time to take a look at exactly what we are asking for. Cycling infrastructure comes in all shapes, sizes and configurations but unfortunately much of what we are exposed to here... Continue Reading →

Just who are we campaigning for?

It's probably fair to say that news of some new investment in cycle infrastructure is a divisive subject. News of the Cardiff Cycling Strategy and the integrated network maps has brought both positive and negative attention from cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Whilst it is true that the plans raise a few questions, some would argue... Continue Reading →

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