Pollution exposure out on the bike…

It's a widely held belief that people inside cars are protected from the pollution they create, yet we know this to be false. However, we're not exactly immune to the carcinogenic cocktail of fumes out on our bikes either. Getting our heart rates up, whilst great for our cardiovascular health in ideal conditions, it's not quite... Continue Reading →

BBC Scotland Investigates: Car Sick

BBC Scotland has just broadcast an excellent programme looking into the effects of car dependency on our health. Just what is coming out of your car's exhaust and what is it doing to your health? The VW diesel emissions scandal has highlighted how little we know about cars and air pollution. But there are increasing...... Continue Reading →

A look into the future…

It was a 1963 report called Traffic in Towns, written for the Government by Professor Colin Buchanan that many will hold responsible for the sorry state of utility cycling in the UK. Indeed, many will argue Traffic in Towns was used as a means to drive a bulldozer through much of the cycle infrastructure we... Continue Reading →

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