Access to Bute Park at the Royal College of Music & Drama

As part of the North Road cycle lane upgrade the builders have had to close off the gate which forms part of the Bute Park Commuter Route. Until the 8th September, access to the park will be by other means. The council has Tweeted the map below. Alternatives… They are suggesting using the entrance to the park near the castle, but if you normally cross North Road to access the University or the Civic Centre, I’d suggest using Colum Road by taking the Talybont path towards the ambulance station. Colum Road has some traffic calming and those wide but advisory … Continue reading Access to Bute Park at the Royal College of Music & Drama

Route: The Short, Sharp Shock

Sometimes you need to get out for a training ride, but you don’t have a lot of time. It could be at the end of the working day, or you could be fitting rides in between family or work commitments. This route has a few slightly unpleasant junctions to navigate, which is why we can’t recommend it for beginners, plus it has a couple of significant hills too, so it is one for the keener cyclist…with a lack of free time. The Route Once again starting at Plan2Ride, you head up the hill towards Castell Coch and keep on going … Continue reading Route: The Short, Sharp Shock