Caerphilly Castle…

Inspired by a message left on our Facebook page, we got to thinking about where someone might go for a ride with their family, once they'd exhausted all the Taff and Ely Trails had to offer. Then it occurred to us that Caerphilly Castle might be a nice day out, yet only a (relatively) short... Continue Reading →

Routes: A Gwaelod Loop…

Good news everyone! In the new year we are planning to create ride videos.

Ever on the lookout for something to get ones teeth into, video production seems like a particularly meaty thing to do.

Route: The Short, Sharp Shock

Sometimes you need to get out for a training ride, but you don't have a lot of time. It could be at the end of the working day, or you could be fitting rides in between family or work commitments. This route has a few slightly unpleasant junctions to navigate, which is why we can't... Continue Reading →

Twin Peaks – Two mountains in one ride…

Don't let this route's length fool you. It may only be around 28km, but that includes two stiff climbs that add up to around 500m of ascent.

Mercifully, it now includes a bike café after the first climb and some stunning scenery. There's also a very nice pub on the way back down to ground level.

A Loop Around the Graig

If you fancy a reasonably short ride with a stiff climb, you'll be pleased to know we have one for you. We'd suggest that this was one for the confident cyclist, as there's some time spent on the dual carriageway through Talbot Green, but otherwise it is on normal roads. Once again the start &... Continue Reading →

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