Why your business needs bicycles

If you own a business in Cardiff and you are not embracing bicycles for deliveries or for your employees, you're missing a trick. Whether it is for the last mile or just getting to the office on time, the bicycle is the solution to urban mobility that has been sat under everyone's noses since the... Continue Reading →

Cyclists are shoppers too…

There's an urban myth that appears to be quite pervasive around here. Apparently we two-wheeled folk 'don't buy things' and it is only people in cars who do. It's often quite subtle. It can be as simple as just neglecting to tell customers using the website that "this store provides bicycle parking" or even failing to... Continue Reading →

Shopping by Bike

Whilst I type this, we are just a few days from Christmas and shopping has become more of an ordeal than it usually is. We've seen cars queuing to get into most of the car parks around Cardiff city centre; a high volume of traffic entering the city from the M4 and high levels of... Continue Reading →

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